Strategic thinking to innovate in a complex world

Our ten convictions as practitioners of innovation



Never understimate a market unwillingness to adopt an innovation


Innovation with a big I does not exist. Drivers of innovation do.
Which driver to leverage is a strategic choice


Innovation creates first Fears Uncertainties and Doubts rather than opportunities


The most influent processes to manage innovation are those owned by the Finance and HR Departments


The weakest link in innovation management is often the Product Management function


"Best innovation practices" must be adapted to the realities and specificites of each organization


Creation of competitive advantages. Alignment with corporate strategy.
Two key issues to do with innovation strategy but not so easily addressed by many firms


The acid test of an innovation strategy is not the first but the second generation of products and services.

Because innovation is sustainable - thanks to capabilities built over time


The strategic balance of an innovation portfolio is only achieved through strong innovation Governance


Entrepreneurial innovation does not start with good ideas but with testable hypotheses